Possible Dispute Explained

The location of Thebes/Luxor as where the Sun set as Sirius rose at the start of the Julian Calendar isn’t a fixed opinion within the council, it is the most likely location. There are margins of error within our calculations, one of them is Delta T.


This is a veriable rate of speed of the Moon that has an effect on longitude readings and G.M.T. with ancient dates. We feel however that this only would have effected location within the boundaries of ancient Egypt, so the alignment may have happened at Aswan, a known place that pharaoh’s sent astronomers to check for the flooding of the Nile during the Egyptian Calendar, it also could be Memphis in Upper Egypt…..as long as it was in the boundaries of Egypt, it doesn’t change the importance to beliefs regarding this Sirius alignment.

A lot of the time Delta T. is guess work before 1500 AD, where it has been established that there is a 2-3 minute discrepancy, beyond that we are subject to ancient written records of eclipses, and no real idea if they were meaning full or partial ones, we have no idea if they watched an eclipse through a dark storm cloud, making it easier to see, but would have made a partial one more twilight.

There is no doubt that Fred Espanak is the leader in this field of study, but ancient dates are guess work, thus i create margins of error regarding location in Egypt.

In a lot of cases the accuracy of astronomy tools can be shown in how we show our images and graphs regarding eclipses, lets look at a very famous eclipse that happened during the Battle of Halys, that is confirmed by NASA using Delta T. on 28 May 585 BC, link below, graph at bottom of this section, you can’t see this if the sun has gone down, this happened approx. 30 minutes before sunset.


The other dispute is historical and the “Leap Year Error made at the start of the Julian Calendar when they were adding a leap year every three years and not four, that emperor Augustus found and remedied after 36 years and skipped several leap days in order to realign the year, i have looked at all calculations of readjustment, and if there is any error, it would be no more than two days either way to the Julian Calendar start date, thus 1st January 0045 BC might be 30th December 0046 BC, but we can show that in Aswan, or it may creep up the Nile to Memphis on 3-4th January 0045 BC. (See bottom of this section).
Although Egyptians and Romans used sunrise, the Babylonians, Greeks and Chaldeans used sunset, Cleopatra was Greek, in fact in the Jewish Calendar of our era they still do use sunset as the day marker, midnight came much much later.

Please scroll down link to “Leap Year Error”:-


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