The Byzantine Calendar

Pyramid Text.
I fly from you, oh men, i am not for the Earth, i am for the sky,
I have soared to the sky as a heaven,
I have kissed the sky as a falcon.
I am the essence of a god, the son of a god.
Behold the faithful and loving Osiris has come as the stars of Orion, the beautiful one.
I have come that i may glorify Orion.
My Soul is a star of gold, and with him, i will traverse the sky forever!

So far we have been looking along the horizons from East to West, regarding Sirius, who to the Egyptians was Isis, however ancient parans were also used for other important area’s in the sky, being the middle of the sky known as the M.C. above the Earth, and exactly the opposite direction below the Earth called the Nadir or I.C.   As our historical road map takes shape you will note that the start of the day is always marked by the ancient astronomers, in early history this is only by sunset or sunrise, yet as the clock emerges midnight was added, with this in mind Sirius or Alnilam, centre star of the Belt of Orion will be on always be in an auspicious position, being in the middle of the sky or below the Earth, following a straight line, on the four directions, being North, South, East or West.
In the Northern Hemisphere a star in the middle of the Sky is straight up from South, example would be United States or Britain, and below the Earth is straight down from North, this reverses if the location is in the Southern Hemisphere, example Australia.
In the Eastern Roman Empire in the Greek and Constantinople Indictions, (nearest reference would be New Year), it started on 23rd September being the Birthday of Emperor Augustus, however this was moved to 1st September 0462 AD, and is generally accepted by the Orthodox Church as a starting date, however there will be dispute over these 15 year cycles, but it is a date that the church believes as true, links below, please scroll down to “Byzantine Era (451-843)”:-

Thus we look at the Horizon in Istanbul on this day, we find Jupiter rising within a degree of the Sun,…..Jupiter is believed to give good fortune, and the ancient astronomers often use it, as this happens Alnilam is just over 4 minutes of culminating, straight up from South (M.C.), thus making a connection with sunrise day start and Jupiter, and the Belt of Orion on the M.C.

The Ancient astronomers usually worked to a margin or orb of four minutes or one degree, this means it can be out of synch by this calibration, yet still considered an active source.


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